{DIY} I Heart Button Badges

A few years ago during one of my NYC trips, I picked up 50+ button badges with the names of NYC neighbourhoods from the Times Square Visitor Center. I had to make a few trips to pick up the different areas and even though my hands were always full, I am definitely missing a lot of neighbourhoods.

My original plan was to use fabric I bought in 2002 to make a tote bag and then pin all the buttons, but I never got around to sewing that bag and even if I had, I didn't want to risk losing any of the buttons while using the bag. Then, a few weeks ago I saw this and knew it was perfect for all my buttons.

The first order of business then, was to find a shadow box that would fit all the buttons. Most were too small or too big/heavy. But it was at Michael's that I found the perfect sized frame, and it was one designed to showcase t-shirts (do a lot of people do this?). I had my 40% off regular items coupon with me, but the frame was on sale from $16.99 to $7.99!

I didn't have any large pieces of white cardstock on hand, so I just took two sheets and pieced them together to cover the image provided with the frame.

I decided to use tissue paper on top of the cardstock to give the buttons a background that wasn't so flat and make it slightly more interesting (and to cover the cardstock edges). This is the first layer going on:

Here's the background with the fourth and final layer and the edges trimmed.

I originally took all the pin backings off the buttons but once I laid them all out, I thought they looked awkward with no depth to them so I put all the pins back on. Then I laid out the positions again, trying not to have the same colours next to each other which was pretty difficult with the majority of them being blue or green.

I hot glued the center line first and then did the outline. The right side is definitely a lot better as it's more round and less squished. Oh well. Maybe one day if it really bothers me I'll take it apart and redo it, but I'm pretty happy with it right now! The buttons are no longer hidden in a Dean & Deluca food container! Though, all the pin backings are still there.

And now the final step is to hang it up, but considering I've had frames to hang up for the past 5 years, this will be a whole other ordeal...

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