{Out & About} One of a Kind Spring Show & Sale 2012

On Sunday I hit up the One of a Kind Spring Show & Sale after years of missing it. Between 2004-2006ish, I think I went to each of the Spring and Christmas shows, a time where as a university student, I shouldn't have been looking at more stuff to buy! But beyond occasionally purchasing jewelry (some of the "cheaper" stuff, definitely could not afford the higher end stuff back then!) and shortbread for gifts from Coach House Shortbread, I would just take in the sights and I was happy to be able to do that again this year!

After doing a quick round through all the aisles, I sat down to rest my feet and see/hear what Christine of Bijou and Boheme had to share. (Details on specific items can be found in her nicely summarized post here.)

The Traditional look. 
The Transitional look, but pretend that David Dawson piece on the floor is on the easel instead... I was a little slow, apparently.
The Modern look. The more I look at those wooden octagon blocks by Studio Liscious, the more I want them.

After Christine's talk, I did another once over around the show to pick up a couple of items from vendors that piqued my interest even before going to the Show.

First up, Avril Loreti. I love the vibrant colours and seriously, the fabrics feel amaaazing!
Paint chip table runners and placemats.
Tea towels and napkins.
Pillows, totes, and handkerchiefs, oh my!

So, I either need to start up a Tea Towels Anonymous or just outright start a collection because I of course picked up another set to join these and these! The quality is great and the colours are bright and fun! I thought about gifting these but that thought lasted all of 5 seconds before I decided that they're staying with me.

I even had my eye on some linen tea towels from Coy Clothes (no photos on their site and I didn't get any at the show) and hemp/organic cotton ones like these:
 (image) from Jenna Rose
(image) from bookhou

Next up, I spotted Hilary Cosgrove's booth and was ecstatic!
I've been eyeing these alphabet and owl pillows for almost 2 years now!

Owl, owlet, and squirrel pillows.

Tiny bird and Winston & Squeak. I love that Hilary makes use of the scraps from other projects to make these.

Squirrel pillows and some art pieces.

The owl that I brought home!

I was also lusting after some pillows by Atelier du Presbytere (using antique linens) and Nicole Tarasick, neither of which I have photos of, but Life Over Easy's Top 15 post includes them along with other faves of mine.

These darling linen pillows from coucou salut caught my eye as well:
images from coucou salut

I guess this is really just a textile loving post since I didn't even touch on some of the lovely jewelry and wood pieces that I saw. There's always next time!

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