What happened to summer?!

Yikes! I haven't been keeping up with blogs (mine and everyone else's - Google Reader says I have almost 1000 posts to read!) and it's almost September! I have not done nearly as much around the house as I expected to, but much of my free time at home lately has been spent trying to get this baby (and myself) up to speed.

It's a little birthday gift to myself since my last laptop (which was really my first) was bought in the spring of 2004! I'm surprised my p.o.s. Dell has lasted 8 years! I did have to replace the hard drive in 2006 after a virus wiped it out and I could no longer bear with the blue screen of death though. But recently I was starting to have issues with the hard drive again and I was long due for a new computer so I went and bought myself a new toy!

The Dell is twice as thick as the Mac! Seriously this thing is a monster.

I am slowly transferring photos but trying to sort them into a more organized and logical manner than before is difficult since I'm a Mac newbie. I installed Evernote but I don't get what it's for, I'm not sure my Messages is set up properly, but at least I'm picking up using the touch pad a lot quicker than I expected. With the Dell I absolutely have to use the mouse because the track pad is terrible.

I'm still going back and forth between both computers, but hopefully I will fully transition to the Mac soon. I just have to plug in my camera/memory card to see which method is going to be best for uploading photos and then maybe I can get back into the swing of things!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer! And enjoy what's left of it! *sigh*

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