{Snapshots} Summer's End

Just some photos from the last few weeks of summer! I can't believe it's almost fall!

I stopped by my local Value Village and found these beautiful bowls. Only a few scratches on the smaller Friendship bowl, but I swear the orange one is brand new. There is no evidence of use inside or outside the bowl!

The orange one is the same size as the other two Pyrex bowls I picked up last time, so I'm glad I found the smaller one as well.

Somehow, within three weeks I picked up four pairs of shoes. The striped espadrilles were not on my shopping list but at 60% off, they got on the list.

I didn't think I would be going to the CNE this year, but I had forgotten that with a concert ticket for the Molson Amphitheatre you get access to the CNE grounds as well, so of course we went to try out some of the food.

I cannot even believe the details on this sandcastle (literally)!

Little person on another sand sculpture.

I think this was the 'Lumberjack' poutine?

Pulled pork poutine. I preferred the fries of the Lumberjack poutine but the meat/sauce of this one (different food stalls).

Red velvet funnel cake. Yum!

The Fray. Five songs into their set I realized I had seen them years and years ago! Lol, whoops!

The Fray. Still amazing live.

Isaac ran to the back of the amphitheatre and was singing in a crowd of people. Of course it was the complete opposite side of where we were... For one or two songs he also sat down with a keyboard in the crowd.

Packed venue! I hate the Molson Amphitheatre though and it was crazy windy that night.

Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly and her backup singers also ran into the crowd to sing on a mini platform.

Isaac and Kelly singing 'Don't You Wanna Stay'.

Airborne Kelly.

Kelly Clarkson.

Sometimes Spider-Man needs help too.

The CNE midway and the CN Tower.

The CNE midway. I love the colours here.

This guy was a rockstar getting the rubber chickens into the pots! His friends though, not so much.

The Dufferin gate.

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