{Eat} Fall Cupcakes

After another few days at the hospital here, my mom finally had surgery to have her femur screwed together, though apparently it wasn't broken as the first ER doctor here thought. But she's now back at home and resting.

And for the cupcakes, I guess they'd be more appropriately themed for fall if I spiced them up a bit, but these are just plain ol' vanilla cupcakes.

My boys are always hounding me to bake cupcakes for them and I had promised them some in the summer but never got around to baking, so with my remaining vacation before work tomorrow (no NYC) and some unopened food colouring that I've been itching to open, I decided to make some fall coloured frosting.

The next time I bake these I'm going to modify the recipe a bit because they're a bit denser than I would like, but it could be because I always cut out 25-50% of the sugar listed. And for the frosting, I halved the recipe but forgot about that when I was adding the liquid so I poured some out after creaming with the butter/shortening and didn't put enough icing sugar in. Oops. Still, everyone always says this recipe is the best I've made so I'll just have to play around with the ingredients a bit more next time.

Also, don't mind the terrible photos. I was in a rush running out of the house to meet my girls so I just snapped the photos real quick and Photoshop couldn't save them.

 Nekkid cupcakes!
 I wanted to swirl the colours on each cupcake but that failed miserably... They were too ugly to even take pictures of to remind myself the next time I attempt to do that.
Packed up and ready to go!

More baked goods to follow soon I hope - Halloween cookies next week and mom wants coffee cake for all her visitors, though everyone's been bringing food anyway. But my cousin did bring Style at Home, Oprah, and Elle which my mom's not going to read, meaning they're mine!

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