{The Condo} A Peek Inside

I love looking at model suites and homes just to see how places are furnished and decorated... and maybe sometimes imagining what it'd be like to live there!

Condos A and B didn't have model suites, just model kitchens but I didn't get photos of them. Condo C had a model suite plus model kitchens for the other finishes (all standard).

This is what will be mine! ... in 3 years. I already have an idea of how I want to decorate the condo, I'm just hoping I won't change my mind too much by the time the place is actually built since I'm planning on taking some of my parents' old danish lounge chairs to reupholster and my grandma's sofa bed to slipcover.

I love the white cabinets. My mom wanted to take the french door dining table home! I'm thinking if I can get my hands on a door, I'll have to try to make an island like this, although I've been eyeing ones from Crate and Barrel and Ikea.
Guest bathroom with shower.
Den/optional second bedroom. I think they fudged the dimensions with the lack of walls and furniture placement but it's actually still a pretty decent size.
Master bathroom.
Master bedroom.
Kitchen again. There should be some sort of window for the den where the frame is. I don't know if I like the open shelving.
Standing in the living room, you see the kitchen, door to the master bedroom, den, and front door.
And the living room.
The dark version of the white cabinets.
They called this one "New York Vintage"... I don't know about this one...
An island is definitely going to be needed seeing as how there's no counter space, so a door island would be perfect to fit more people if needed since I probably won't have a dining table.

I'm excited! It's so tempting to buy things now but I'll definitely have to wait and see how the space is. 2014 could not come soon enough!

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