{At Home} No More Saggy Seating

Last summer I went around to a few stores with my parents in search of a new couch for the family room as the current one has been with us since about 1990? It's not too saggy or uncomfortable, but it sure is ugly to look at nowadays. We didn't find anything we loved and after sitting in so many in such a short period of time, they all felt the same so we took a break from shopping.

This past weekend my mom and I went out to look again and we ended up at the Sears furniture store since my mom really liked the quality of the leather we saw the last time we were there. After maybe 2.5 hours of hemming and hawing, we put our order in for Italsofa's Aquila sofa and reclining chair!

 We're getting the black three seater sofa. There are no good pictures of this couch online so I had to take a picture of the information card the saleslady gave me. I love the legs!

 I also took a photo of the photo I took on my phone (I don't know how to transfer photos to my computer lol). We really liked the high back and it's a recliner! Hopefully it's sturdy.

It's going to be delivered June 6th so we're going to be shifting couches around in the meantime. The current family room sofa and loveseat will go in the basement (although I don't think both will fit) and then the couch in the TV room in the basement will hit the curb!

I was originally against this couch because it seems a little to modern for our house, but my mom is thinking that it will eventually move with them when my parents downsize so it's a good size. Plus, it'll give me the kick-start I've been waiting for to finally tear down the wallpaper and chair rail we've had for as long as we've had the couches! I've probably wanted to repaint the room since the wallpaper went up! Gotta love 90's decor...
I don't tidy up for "before" photos lol. Makes the "after" more dramatic, hopefully!

I  am getting ahead of myself though. Even though the sofa and chair are coming next week, I have to paint a dresser before I even start thinking about touching the family room!

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