{Out & About} Springtime in the City

Another month, another trip to New York! Of the six days I was there, they were forecasting rain and thunderstorms for five. Luckily the weather changed for the better and it maybe drizzled for half a day? I love NYC in the spring! The summer is just too hot when you're sweating while standing on the sidewalks or waiting for a subway train (fingers crossed that it's air conditioned) to roll in because the station feels like a sauna.

I'm also not a fan of New York in the summer because of all the tourists that flock to the city, which I got a taste of last weekend. It bothers me in any city, but for whatever reason it aggravates me the most in NYC because regular New Yorkers are always in such a hurry, you'd think visitors would get the hint and NOT stop suddenly in the middle of the sidewalk to look up at the skyscrapers or take a photo of a family member who is also blocking the way! And must they really walk 4 people side by side along a busy sidewalk?! Half the time I end up walking on the street by the curb just to get away from everyone lol.

Anyways, I digress... Though I realize I titled this post "Springtime in the City", there are no outdoorsy pictures whatsoever. Oh well! On to some photos:

A sampling of the eight shows I saw this trip. 
(First Row) 'How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying': Say what you will about Nick Jonas, but he was terrific! A million times better than Darren Criss, though Daniel Radcliffe was still the best overall. 'Death of a Salesman': Phenomenal performances by the cast! 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes': Megan Hilty in another Marilyn Monroe related role and she was freakin' adorable, on stage and off! Love her.
(Second Row) 'The Best Man': Almost didn't see this because of the political topic, but I'm glad I did. Talk about amazing cast. 'Death of a Salesman's Biff: Andrew Garfield. 'One Man, Two Guvnors': I want to see it again! Love James Corden.
(Third Row) 'Newsies': Another great ensemble! Awesome seeing so many 'SYTYCD' dancers as well. 'Once': Haven't seen it on Broadway yet, but I loved it off-Broadway at the NYTW. Cristin Milioti has such an amazing voice. 'How To Succeed': Had to snap a shot before it closed (May 20).

Can't remember exactly which cold ramen noodles these are since the website is in Japanese and I can't find the English version, but it was tasty! Though I had the soup one and it did get salty after a while. But the deep fried oysters were delicious!

It was my second time being in the city during the Rebecca Minkoff Spring Sample Sale and this one was way crazier than my first time 2-3 years ago!

Girls were tossing bags around everywhere. There was absolutely no organization whatsoever this time around!
I wish I had gone earlier as it was slim pickin's by the time I went on the second and last days, but I still managed to find nice colour combinations for crossbody bags for Mandie and myself after a little digging. I was only supposed to go to pick up a bag for her since I had just bought another bag as a treat for myself (for getting switched from contract to permanent at work), but I couldn't not buy! Sigh...
 Georgetown Cupcake in SoHo! Pictured are my favourites, Red Velvet and Vanilla squared. Also pictured is the free Chocolate PB Chip which was one of 4 free cupcakes that I picked up over my stay! Because the premiere of the second season of 'DC Cupcakes' was airing on the 11th, instead of the limited 100 secret flavour cupcakes they usually have each day, the promo was for one free cupcake of your choice all day long!
 My $2.50 falafel at Mamoun's Falafel in Greenwich Village. When I walked in there was one guy who had just finished ordering and by the time I sat down with my order (1 min later because they are super speedy), there was a huge line of at least 30 people ordering nonstop.

The 7th Avenue Donut Shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It's like traveling back in time! I don't normally like crullers, but goodness it was so light and airy, I ate it before I could take a picture, obviously. Loved that behind us were 2 police officers. In a 24hour donut shop. In New York. Classic!
I love how the stools emerge from the bar!

And in less than a month, I'll be back! Not for theatre, but for a girls' weekend/bachelorette! I'm tired just thinking about it since we'll be cramming in eating, shopping, museums, other tourist attractions, and more eating, but at least we'll be staying in the city! No trekking to/from Brooklyn for me this time!

I really need to make non-New York related travel plans though... All my vacation days are being eaten up by these trips and I have another in the works for July for Shakespeare in the Park (Into The Woods with Amy Adams)!

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