{Eat} Shiso Tree Café

Hooo boy! I have not logged into Blogger in forever and I would like to say that my absence was due to all the progress I've made on projects, but that is definitely not the case! Just busy with work and life I suppose.

And that definitely doesn't stop me from eating! A few weeks ago I tried Shiso Tree Café for a second time and it was just as delicious as the first. Located in J-Town, it serves wafu pasta. That is, Japanese-style Italian pasta.

 All pastas come with a salad with wafu dressing.

 Soup of the day, Cream of Potato (I think).

 The remaining bits of the Okonomiyaki Fries. Completely forgot about taking a picture since we dug right into the deliciousness!

 Smoked Salmon Rosé.

Shrimp and Corn in Cream Sauce. This was good but I think I prefer the Shrimp Okonomiyaki from my first visit instead.

Green Tea Créme Brûlée. Why yes, this did taste as good as it looks/sounds! For reals, it was amazeballs.

Looking at these photos, it's no wonder my belly was so stuffed afterwards! But it was worth it! I'd go back just for the Green Tea Créme Brûlée!

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