{At Home} So Close, Yet Sofa

So we had scheduled the sofa to be delivered on the 6th and it was.

We unwrapped the plastic and found this beauty:

A nice big rip on the bottom of the sofa.  *womp womp*

Ignore the drawers in the back. I'm so close to finishing up painting my dresser and just bought a foam roller for a final coat since it was still really streaky after 4 coats with a brush, but progress has stalled once again.

The tear was the length of my hand!

And not only was there a rip, but two of the four legs didn't fit properly. The holes for the screws didn't line up properly, so we called customer service and were basically told to wait for a callback to determine when they would drop off a new one and pick this one up.

So in the meantime we put the recliner together.

They finally dropped off the new sofa and took the reject on the 15th and so now it sits in the middle of the foyer until we have time to put it all together. I'm surprised it took another 8 days to get a new one though considering the saleslady said we could've gotten the original order in 2 days since black is always in stock.

Hopefully it's okay!

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