{Out & About} Girls in the City - Days 1 & 2

A couple of weekends ago the girls and I headed down to New York City (I know, I know... again?!) to play tourist and for some bachelorette festivities for Michelle!

It was hot, my feet were beat, and I'm still catching up on lost sleep, but it was worth it to reunite (4 from Toronto, 1 from Winnipeg) and hang out before everyone runs off and gets married!

The Flatiron Building and the 9/11 Memorial.

Shake Shack at Madison Square Park. Yum! Not sure about that hour long wait though... I don't think I've ever waited that long at the Midtown location. Or at Burger Joint which I might prefer more.

Of course I took them to Georgetown Cupcake. The free, secret flavour of the day was "your choice" because the 'DC Cupcake' episode that night was of the opening of the SoHo location.
I want that mixer. White Chocolate Raspberry, New York Cheesecake, and Red Velvet.

At the MoMA. Some Keith Haring (top left) and an 'interactive' piece (bottom left) where patrons are encouraged to take some candy (apparently it gets replenished).

Resting tired feet at the MoMA.

Admiring Jackson Pollock at the Met.

At the Met. There's a REAL deer in the middle picture just above!

Resting at the Met (see a theme here?) and some Warhol (bottom right).

On the steps of the Met. We just need some yogurt and it's like a scene from 'Gossip Girl'! Minus the expensive wardrobes and trust funds though.

After the Met, a walk around Central Park to visit Alice in Wonderland and the Conservatory.

Overlooking Turtle Pond and the Delacorte Theater (where I'll be next month!).

I took a picture of the map so that we could walk the East side of The Lake to cross Bow Bridge, but somehow we ended up on the West side instead. All the trails/paths look the same!

I wanted to hit up a bunch of food trucks but lack of time and tired feet didn't allow that to happen. One of the ones I'd heard about was Wafels & Dinges. I also knew that one of the ones I really wanted to try had a cart location in Central Park, but I couldn't remember which food truck it was. When we were in Belvedere Castle, I saw a yellow cart across Turtle Pond and thought it could be Wafels & Dinges, so we headed over and IT WAS! Best random sighting ever!
From top to bottom: Whipped cream and speculoos spread/Dulce de leche and bananas/Speculoos and strawberries. The order form on the back of the box. The inside says "you lucky dinges!". The cart where the magic happens. 
The 'wafel-0-meter': Studies have shown* that altruistic attitudes might shift dramatically when wafeling. Check your wafel-o-meter prior to sharing to avoid serious side effects.
*Study conducted by Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs, Department of Wafels.
Left to right it goes: Plenty left to share ... Think twice before sharing ... Forget about sharing at this point.
Dinges [ding-uhs] noun, plural: Used in place of the noun or proper noun, when you can't remember the name of: (1) a thing, (2) a person, (3) your wafel toppings, (4) like, uh, you know: stuff

Getting slightly lost in Central Park. The bottom left photo is of turtles, not in grass, but in the algae filled Lake.

At Bethesda Fountain. I had to remind them of that one scene in 'Home Alone 2'!

Bethesda Terrace.

The Mall.

Then it was back to the hotel to nap and getting ready for dinner.

Back in our hotel (minus one) after some bachelorette 'fun' ;)

Photos from day 3 to come later... there's way less since I didn't take many photos from day 4.

I did realize when we were back home, however, that I failed to take them by Rockefeller Center and the New York Public Library/Bryant Park and we should've tried to fit in a trip on the Staten Island Ferry. Oh well, there's always next time!

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