{Out & About} Weekend Shenanigans

What a miserable weekend weather-wise! Friday evening was spent at the National Ballet of Canada for 'Hamlet', which I enjoyed more than most Shakespearean plays I've seen because my brain can never grasp the language quick enough.

Of course by the time the ballet was over it was full on pouring rain and we had to hop scotch our way back to the car to avoid all the puddles. Didn't work - my shoes and pants were still soaked! Although that wasn't as bad as what people had to endure at Union Station which had flooded in the afternoon.

Jack & Rose barely made it out! 
(Not sure what the original source is as this got tweeted and re-tweeted over and over.)

A few of us drove to Stratford on Saturday and we had our fingers crossed that the rain would hold out until we were in the theatre at least (at most it was just light rain).

Cumulus clouds hovering over fields along Hwy 7/8.

Downie Street in Stratford.

Lovely stained glass ceiling at Coffee Culture.

The Avon Theatre where we saw the matinee of 'You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown'  and 'The Pirates of Penzance' in the evening. 
Bieber used to play on these steps and I swear I've seen him before! I remember seeing a blond kid and thinking, "Where are his parents?!" (Laughing all the way to the bank now...)

A vending machine for live bait...

So yes. I saw Shakespeare at the ballet and not Shakespeare in Stratford...

On Sunday I went to look at some finishes at a decor centre (not mine, unfortunately) and I hope my builder has less options (which I think they do)! It's just so much to think about and visualize when you're essentially visualizing from a floor plan!

So many cabinets! I want this kitchen. But maybe with white uppers instead.

Cabinet styles on the left with the stain options behind the doors and bathroom and floor tiles on the right.

Hardwood, engineered hardwood, carpets, more cabinets, granite, and laminate countertops! Decisions, decisions.

Some of the options for railings.

So many choices!

Some of the back splash options.

So then I got a little tour of the new neighbourhood which is still in my town. Who knew this existed here?! Certainly not me, despite living here for 24 years! I tend to stick to the southern portion of my town and this is way more North than I ever go.

It's a bit of a hike to get to, but worth it!

I wish I had a cottage and that this was my backyard.

I'm so excited for this place to come together and it's not even mine!

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