{I Heart} Bookends

I love buying books though I have more books than the time to read them! My novels are jammed pack on my bookshelf, but I only have a few cookbooks and design books which keep toppling over since I like them on a separate shelf.

I've been meaning to buy bookends for quite some time but never looked too hard or couldn't find them for the right price, so it just never got done. But with my cookbook and design book collections slowly growing I've been wanting a pair more and more because this is not a nice look:

My pitiful substitutes for bookends: Playbills from the summer, hungry piggy bank, and stuffed animals that couldn't hold up a magazine.
I haven't put the Playbills and programs away yet because then the books would fall over...
I almost bought these online for 30% off ($20 for the set) but decided to browse Indigo in person because I love rooting through the sales racks. Seriously, I could spend hours in Indigo without even reading any books. I just love looking at their home decor section and wandering through the book racks. 

I went during Black Friday weekend when all the Canadian retailers were throwing sales events our way and I found these on the sales rack (score!) for 50% off (aka $15 - double score!!) AND I grabbed the last two pairs that were packaged in bubble wrap in boxes. If you were standing near me, you would've heard me gasp in amazement. The other ones around were just shoved together on a shelf with no packaging and were slightly chipped or scuffed.
Look how straight the books are now! It just blends right in
So neat and tidy!
... just ignore the other corner where I've dumped my old "bookends". Let's pretend this side doesn't exist, okay?

This is one of those items that seems easy enough to make with a block of wood and wooden letters if you can't find one that you like, but laziness wins out. And for $15, I'm happy! Even my cashier was freaking out about the price.

Since buying these bookends, I've been obsessively looking at other ones. Some of my favourites:

Bookends or not, I want these on my shelves!

How adorable are these little guys?! I wish I could afford them all!

The always classic running away from the falling books. I like the ones with people holding books up too.

Simple Matryoshka doll.

I kind of want to buy more books just so I can buy more bookends!

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