{At Home} Powder Room Progress

We finally finished replacing the carpeting in the bedrooms to oak hardwood (I hope to have pictures of that within my lifetime...) so then we've now moved onto replacing the toilets on the main and upper floors. But before the new toilets go in, we have to paint the bathroom walls!

After living in this house for almost 24 years, we still haven't really painted most of the rooms aside from the bedrooms, the main hall (which we had the contractors do when we had the basement finished), and the family room which is wallpapered (horrible 90's floral). We're pretty indecisive about the colours since there is absolutely no cohesive look to this house. It's just mish mash of things from before my parents met to new purchases since moving in, as well as taking things in from family when they downsize their homes.

For the powder room on the main floor, I wanted to fancy it up a bit. I thought about doing an accent wall but since it's a small space with no window I realized that stripes were the way to go! It's more interesting to look at and the lighter colour keeps the room a little brighter while the darker colour gives it some oomph! Some of my inspiration photos below:

 One . Two . Three . Four . Five . Six

This is what we've been living with for over 20 years! I took these photos after removing the art from the walls though.

Pardon the terrible lighting in these photos although the walls were pretty yellow anyway. Taking photos at night in a room with no windows is really not conducive to good photos. I tried to fix them but they're too far gone. Ignore the yucky standard light fixture...

I penciled out all the lines before taping, but next time I'm just going to make a few markings here and there. The height of the walls were about 91-92", so I measured out nine 9" stripes and the bottom stripe was about 10", give or take. I'm not sure where the level made up for the crookedness of the walls.

This is where a glob of paint dripped while I was trying to paint the inside edges above. I wiped it down once and it was good, then I wiped again and didn't notice I was wiping with paint. Oops.

And here is where some paint peeled off while I took the tape off. Sad face. The one on the right is blurry, but I touched it up and it's only slightly noticeable now!

The next two photos are oddly yellow.

So I used Behr's Gallery White and French Lilac. The colours are actually a bit more muted than this. I originally wanted grey stripes but somehow we ended up with purple...

Close up shot. I'd say the actual colours are a bit of a mix between the photo above and the one below. I don't know why but whenever I'm in there now, I want to eat candy. I can't even think of any purple sweets.

Luckily the plumbing stuff for the sink landed right in the middle of the second-from-the-bottom stripe so I didn't have to do any weird maneuvering, and then I just taped off the purple stripe so that I wouldn't have to tape and paint behind the hoses.

Up next, I have to paint the baseboards before the toilet can go in. All the baseboards in the house are so yellow when you compare them to the trim that we've already painted in glossy white.

New toilets sitting in the front hall.

Since my mom and I want to replace the old light fixture and get something that's chrome or brushed nickel, the faucet has to go as well, which is fine by me! I hate this faucet. Using the cold water, it screams at you unless you turn it all the way up.

You can kind of see how the faucet part is a bit more yellow than the knobs and sink bowl. I hope it'll be easy to replace since we're keeping the rest of the sink and I don't want to be patching up and repainting the walls.

Painting stripes is tiring! It's taken me 7 days over the last two weeks to get this far since I only do a bit after work/dinner and other nights I'm out or at my part-time gig. But soon we will have a toilet on the main floor again!

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