{Deals & Steals} Poppy Treffry & Tina Fey

I love shopping and nothing thrills me more than finding great deals, especially by accident!

Last month while I was in NYC, I found a pile of these unbleached cotton tea towels by Poppy Treffry in the sales section of Anthropologie. Cute, right?

Whenever I find something on sale that I like, I look at every tag to find the lowest ticketed price since some items get passed over when being marked down. Here, the tea towels were originally $22, marked down to $12.95, then some were marked down to $7.95, but I found a few that had $3.91 written on them.

I figured they were marked down incorrectly because who prices something at 91 cents?! Anyways, I took a chance and brought four tea towels to the cashier and sure enough, they each scanned as $7.95. I pointed out the $3.91 so the cashier altered the price while he asked the manager who was doing the mark downs. Oops! I may have gotten someone in trouble, but if there's a deal, I'm going to take it!

Why do I need four? I don't but I'll probably keep two (they're already in my box of things I'm saving for the condo) and then gift the other two. Who knows. I might just keep all four to use because it'll be tough to find cute tea towels for so cheap! Just looking on etsy right now, there are a lot of cute ones but none that I can afford to buy now.

Here's a better (smooth) picture of what they look like. They're pretty big at 80cm x 50cm.

Then, two weeks ago I was in Buffalo and there was 50% off all sale merchandise at Urban Outfitters. For some reason I kept thinking it applied to clothing only, despite all the posters saying "all sale merchandise". I was happy enough to buy Bossypants for $9.99, so I was slightly confused, but delighted, when it rang up as $5 and change. I actually almost bought it the week before for $20, so I'm glad I waited! Now it joins about 15 other books that I still have to read...

Moral of the story kids? Always look for the lowest ticketed price! I think there's only been one instance that a store didn't sell me an item for what it was marked incorrectly as. Also, be dumb like me and not pay attention to signs so that you'll be pleasantly surprised at the register if there are further sales!

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