{Out & About} Evan Starkman (aka MTV Nobody)

Unless you love crap reality TV like I do, this post will be of no interest to you!

So, I am obsessed with the (RW/RR) Challenges on MTV and I have no idea why. It might be because we were deprived of it up here in Canada for so long (the same goes for The Real World), but I cannot stop watching all the drama that unfolds during all the challenges the competitors have to face!

At the Union Square Holiday Market this past weekend, all I got was this creeper picture of Evan Starkman!

I love/hate him. He's got such a d-bag persona on the shows, but it's why I love him since it's great entertainment!

Seriously, this (sadly) totally made my day. Especially with the new season coming up! (Without Evan.)

(Well, it made my day until I saw ONCE, soon to be on Broadway. Go see it. I never saw the film and now I have no desire to because it'd probably ruin the stage show for me.)

Are you obsessed with any bad reality TV shows? 'Fess up - I know I'm not the only one!

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