{Eat} Winter Holiday Treats

Happy 2012!!

I finally had some time during the holidays to bake even though it was already past Christmas. They ended up being for friends only anyway since most of the office was gone between Christmas and New Years Eve. I was the sucker who stayed behind, but I'm taking three days off this week to head off to NYC, so it's all good!

I baked two batches of sugar cookies which yielded about 70 2-2.5" cookies, but next time I need to either bake three batches, or somehow alter my icing recipe to make less. I was trying to use as much icing as possible when decorating, but I still had a lot left over.

 A sampling of the designs I did. It gets a little repetitive always doing the same few designs...

 My progress after night one of decorating.


 Personalized cookies!

 Christmas trees.

I call the right one "Rudolph's nose" and the two on the left "Rudolph blinking in a blizzard", as inspired by Calvin and Hobbes' "Polar bear blinking in a blizzard", seen below.

I hope the cookies were good (I only tried one iced one but I ate a lot of plain ones) and that everyone had a wonderful holiday!

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