{Inspiration} Anthropologie Displays

If I could live in an Anthropologie store, I would be all over that.

Not everything there is to my tastes, but I love the rustic, whimsical vibe of each store and how each store has their own team to create the displays using the most common, generic items anyone can find in their own home. It feels so cozy, yet glam - I love it.

This past weekend I was in New York and made my usual trip to the Rockefeller Center store. As I approached the sale section, I noticed the colourful display behind the racks.

Those are cable ties! CABLE TIES!!!

I think they sprayed some fake snow or something on some of these. I didn't want to touch it but it was definitely sprayed with something.

I can't even imagine the number of hours spent putting all of this together, but it sure is pretty!

I didn't even know these pretty colours existed for cable ties, but I'm happy that they do.

They even had a mini display above the staircase leading down to the main display.

On the main floor, lovely use of fluorescent lights.

Outside, the team was setting up the new window display using fruit baskets!

Neither of the windows were finished when I went back the next day and then I didn't have time to check up on it before I left, so hopefully when I return in February this display will still be there. Or maybe someone else will upload it to Pinterest... 

I wish there was a website out there that has display photos from every Anthropologie store. Unless it does exist and I just can't find it?!?!

Below are some other displays I like. Honestly, I would've added more but you get the gist. I'm not even including the ones that Kara Paslay has done, but I adore her Post-It Notes one especially.

I wish I were this creative!

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