{I Want} Brooklyn Brownstone

Whenever I'm in New York, I usually stay with one of two architect couples in Brooklyn. I stay in this apartment less often, but I adore it! It's more minimalistic than I could ever do, but it's also one of the reasons I like it so much.

They renovated the top floor of a three unit 1920's brownstone building and added the panelling next to the counter to create a bedroom for their first baby girl two years ago. They just had another little girl so they've been house hunting and these photos are actually from their listing. All these years I meant to capture my own photos, but always kept putting it off and now I'll never see this apartment again. *sad face*

When you enter the apartment, the kitchen is to your left. White cabinets make me nervous for stains and dirty hands, but it's so clean and pretty! 

This area used to be opened to the kitchen and the dining table was once where the toddler bed is now.

The bathroom is on the other side of the kitchen. They've got a deep soaker tub and from the window in the shower you get a wonderful view of downtown Brooklyn and a bit of the Manhattan skyline. I don't know what kind of tiles those are, but I love them. There's a skylight which helps bring in natural light, so even with those dark tiles you don't feel claustrophobic.

Here you can see the den/"bedroom" with it's sliding door next to the kitchen. On the left you have the office wall where the printer, personal files, and other random things can be kept. It's kind of hard to see but the orange ceiling is lower in this middle section of the apartment because they created storage space above! You have to use a ladder to access it, but it's a nice hidden space to keep larger items that are not used frequently.

I think this extra storage area is my favourite feature of the apartment, next to that view from the shower!

Here's the living room with the bedroom on the right. The ceiling is really high which is why that above storage space was doable. It's bamboo flooring throughout and they have quite a bit of closet space in the bedroom and just out of view in the living room, next to the door to the bedroom.

Btw, I want that coffee table.

I love staying here and I'm always so amazed at how clean it is! Aside from some missing bath products in the shower, a bottle drying rack in the kitchen, and their pug's bed, this is essentially how the apartment always looks! Even with the toddler and her toys!

The white walls are a little plain for me, but it works! I wish I could be this clean, but I'm a packrat and take forever to put things back where they belong... But seriously, I wish I could live here!

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