{DIY} Tall Boy

Over the years I have accumulated a lot of clothes. In university I used two of these drawers for anything that wasn't hung in the closet (like hoodies, long sleeve shirts, jeans, etc) but I slowly outgrew those.

We had an extra tall boy in the guest room so I decided to take it since I like the colonial style of it. I didn't get a before photo of it but it basically looked like the one below. (My parents have 2 tall boys and 2 low boys, all with different hardware but essentially the same style! I don't know why they were purchased so sporadically in the 70's.)

I don't like painting over wood if it doesn't need to be, but with 4 different furniture finishes in my room, I wanted to coordinate the colours a little better. I spent a lot of time debating between painting it black or white, but I finally decided to paint it white with black hardware.

I only painted the exterior and left the interior wood untouched. Don't mind the mess. I was painting while the hardwood floor installation was happening.
The second coat of four coats of paint.
It's hard to see but the left side is more white while the right side is slightly yellow. Yah... next time I'll have to remember to stir the paint better.
I used an old ramen box to hold the hardware so that I could spray them with Krylon's Black paint in satin finish.
Didn't spray it so evenly... 
There's a little ding near the top in the middle. My dad flipped the hardware over too soon (it had cured for 24hours at this point) and the paint stuck so I had to spray them again and I let them cure for a week instead!

My set up to ensure the handles were sprayed evenly when hung upside down. It was so awkward when people walked past on the sidewalk lol.
Finished product!

Next up, I was planning on painting the extra low boy that replaced the tall boy in the guestroom, but it took me months (May to August) just to finish the tall boy! So this got pushed aside for this coming summer, though now with the condo I don't know if it will fit so I'm not sure if I should bother painting it. I probably will and I'll probably remove the mirror that my dad added and hang it separately.

I used a paintbrush to paint the tall boy, but I'm planning on using a small foam roller for the low boy since I couldn't get much coverage with the paintbrush. Still undecided though.

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