{Deals & Steals} Seriously, I Love Indigo

Last week before some window shopping, I was killing time browsing the Indigo sales racks (of course) since they're having their Winter Clearance Sale and came upon some items that I couldn't leave without! Not without some hemming and hawing though (neither items are shown online).

This moose paperweight by Zuny is the same style as some of the bookends I was fawning over in this post! They did have moose and deer bookends, but since I just bought bookends I thought this little guy would be a cute decorative piece on it's own. And at 75% off ($5.63), I couldn't not buy him! I love moose! Mooses?

And in this post, I pretty much said I wouldn't buy any more tea towels for now, but that quickly turned into a lie!

This set of three, solid tea towels was 50% ($7.25) and I probably shouldn't have bought them, but based on the model suite, I think the colours will go nicely with the finishes/colours I'm going to pick! I'm getting way ahead of myself though - they haven't even broke ground yet!

I really do have a bad habit of buying things I like but don't need, just because they're on sale. It's especially hard to restrain myself from all their lovely Lifestyle products!

P.S. Pay no attention to the bad baseboard paint job in that corner! We freehanded the painting quickly since we wanted to get the new hardwood floors in ASAP.

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